Monday, June 10, 2013


Jatijajar Cave is one of the attractions in Central Java Indonesia. Cave is located in the village jatijajar Ayah Kebumen central Java. Why were named Jati Jajar = Teak Row It is said that the cave was discovered by a farmer who was looking for a grass that was accidentally falling into a hole, luckily he caught a tree branch. If not he will fall into the cave with a depth of 24 feet from the hole which was a cave ventilation. When the cave door was found covered with soil and then removed after the new ground gained entrance on the right and left are two teak trees so called Jatijajar Cave Inside the cave there are Stalactites and Stalagmites and Pillar the meeting between the Stalagmites Stalactites. All of these are formed from the deposition of raindrops that have reacted with limestone rocks penetrate. According to research by experts, for the formation of stalactites it takes a very long time. Within one year of the formation of stalactites as thick as the thickest only 1 cm only. Therefore Cave is a cave Cretaceous Jatijajar old. stalactites are rocks formed from water dissolving limestone mineral that occurs continuously. Water-soluble and seeps into the cave and drips from the ceiling to the bottom of the cave. These droplets long into the rocks that pointed to down. stalagmite cave that is grounded. In the cave is also flowing creek called spring roses, where the water is swift and refreshing, even myth is wash my face in the spring here will make youth.
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